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Emotional Support Animals in Chula Vista


Qualify for Emotional Support Animal in Chula Vista

Is Getting an ESA a Right Choice for You?

Wondering if getting an emotional support animal letter in Chula Vista is the right choice for you? If you have an ESA or planning or you are planning to get one, or If you reside in Chula Vista or are thinking of moving in the Lemon capital of the world, you should be aware of the ESA laws and conditions. Check out everything you need to know about Emotional support animal, service animals, and companion animals – also, how to get an ESA letter in California – in our ESA Chula Vista State guide.

Facts About ESA’s

Emotional support animals are not required to be trained to receive an ESA letter. If your pet comforts you, helps you through fellowship, unconditional love and affection can be considered ESA.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) of 1988, & The Air Carrier Access Act protects the rights of Bona fide ESA Owners all across Chula Vista and U.S.

You can live in a rental apartment with your emotional support animal (even if it is a “no-pet-allowed” zone), or you can travel in an airline if you have an ESA letter printed on the licensed provider’s letterhead.

ESA Laws

The Fair Housing Amendments Act

As per the FHAA guidelines “If An individual experiencing a mental disability is having an ESA Letter for housing letter signed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional, he/she may request for a reasonable accommodation even in No Pet Housing, and the landowner cannot deny for that individual.” This Acts provides you with the rights to live with your support pet & guards you from the eviction or additional deposits, which you ought to pay the accommodations to live with your Fido in a rental home.

The Air Carrier Access Act

As per the ACAA Guideline “You can travel with your pet in the airline cabin if you have an LMHP signed ESA Letter for travel with you.” The letter provides you with an exception from some rules & regulation that are created by airline for domestic pets. It also protects you from discrimination while travelling in Airlines.

How to Apply

Complete your Online ESA Evaluation Form with your medical Details along with the details of your Emotional Support Animal & choose your Desired Service Type (ESA Letter for Housing or ESA Travel Letter).

Once You submit Your Online ESA Evaluation Form, A Licensed Mental Health Professional will review it. Based on your evaluation, Your ESA recommendation will be signed by the Licensed Professional.
Once you got approval from the LMHP, we will send your signed ESA prescription to you via an email. You can simply download or print your recommendation and present it to your Landowner or Air Travel company.