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Emotional Support Animal Letter in Houston

Getting an ESA letter in Houston from Licensed Therapist.

There are numerous benefits to having an emotional support pet by your side. An ESA plays a major role in developing opportunities to practice, go outdoor, and socialize for any individual. An Emotional Support Animal can help significantly in handling isolation and depression by giving company to their handlers.

According to Researches, a good relationship between you and your ESA can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to you.

Houston is a Pet-friendly city, and If you are planning to move to a rental apartment or are flying with him/her in Houston, you should be well aware of rights and privileges offered to your Emotional Support Animals in Houston, Texas. Below is a Quick Overview of:


  • What an Emotional Support Animal is?
  • What benefits Does it Provides?
  • The Qualifying Conditions to get Approved for ESA, and more…


1. Emotional Support Animals are untrained pets assigned to heal the medical conditions of their handlers

2. Emotional support animal laws in  Houston are the same as that of other states.

3. You can apply online to get your Houston  emotional support animal recommendation.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

ESA — shortly spelled for an Emotional Support Animal is a domestic pet well known to provide unconditional love & affection to their handlers, and taking them to new heights of comforts. They are so-called because they can heal any mental problem, from which their owners are suffering i.e., stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Emotional Support Animal Laws in Houston

Mainly two laws are associated with ESA rights…The Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1968 (FHAA) & The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 (ACAA), which protects your rights as an ESA owner in Houston, and also provide you an exemption for specific laws made by Landowners and airline companies.

1. The Fair Housing Act:

The FHA allows a tenant accompanied by an Emotional Support Animal to make full use of a dwelling unit of landowner even if they don’t allow pets in their accommodation (The No-Pet-Housing Policy made by most landlords). Also, as per this law, a propertier can not exclude an ESA from a property once it has been given to its owner.

2. The Air Carrier Access Act:

Another Act that was completely in favor of emotional support animals and was brought into law in 1986 to protect the rights of ESA & their handler while traveling with any airline company. Because of this law, an ESA owner is exempted from airline travel policies and also from pet fees that most companies charge to board your pet on a flight.

Conditions to qualify for an ESA Letter in Houston

Here is a list of general medical conditions that qualifies for ESA…

Step-by-step Process to Get an ESA Letter online from a Therapist

1. The First step is to fill-up a pre-screening form for ESA Evaluation, where you will be asked very simple questions based on your medical condition.

2. Once the form is submitted, it will be sent over to a Licensed therapist for review.

3. After reviewing the form, the doctor will sign the ESA Letter and it will be sent to you via an email within 24 hours.

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