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Emotional Support Animal Letter in San Diego

Get Your Emotional Support Animal Letter in San Diego by a Local Therapist

If you suffer from any kind of mental or emotional disability like Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Autism, Emotional Support Animal can be very helpful to overcome these problems. These well-trained animals can be a good companion for you, can help make it easier to do day to day activities when you are struggling. The biggest difference between an Emotional Support Animal and other types of assistance animals, such as service dogs, is that ESAs are not required to have any kind of specialized experience or training. If you are looking to live and fly with ESA in San Diego, You can go through our free pre-screening test.


1. Emotional Support Animals are pets with No Training. In contrast, service animals are those pets, who are given training to perform tasks a person is incapable to do.

2. Emotional support animal laws in San Diego are the same as that of other states.

3. You can apply online to get your San Diego emotional support animal recommendation.

Conditions to Qualify for ESA in San Diego?

There are certain medical conditions based on which a therapist evaluates whether a person is a perfect candidate to apply for ESA or not.

Here is a list of general medical conditions that qualifies for ESA…

How to Apply for ESA in San Diego

1. Complete our 5 minute free pre-screening test, to see if you are eligible for an emotional support animal Letter.
2. After successful submission, your details (your medical conditions that you submitted during pre-screening) will be reviewed by a New York State Licensed Therapist.
3. If the therapist finds you eligible for an ESA, they will write you a recommendation letter which will be delivered to you immediately via an email.
4. fly and accommodate with your Emotional Support pet without any hassles.

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