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Emotional Support Animal Letter in Omaha

Are you Eligible for an Emotional Support Animal in Omaha? Check Here…


Fast ESA Letter is a HIPAA Compliant online portal that connects medical patients with licensed medical professionals for consultation & recommendation purposes.

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Fast ESA Letter

Fast ESA Letter is a HIPAA Compliant online portal that connects medical patients with licensed medical professionals for consultation & recommendation purposes.

© 2020 | fastesaletter.com | All Rights Reserved | Sitemap

There is nothing in the world that can beat a long-distance hike with your furry friend on a fresh morning. Or heeding the happiness on their cute & cuddly faces when you grab a ball and they understand it’s playtime in the neighbor-hood park! Even resting at home feels great in each other’s company.

The role of a company becomes even greater if a person is facing any disability, & he needs someone who can relieve his pain in tough times. There is no-one that can do it better than a pet as they repay the love you give them ten-fold. But it is very difficult to take your pet with you to a rental accommodation or travel with an airline as most of them do not allow it, or will charge pet deposits to accommodate your pet unless your pet is an Emotional support animal(ESA). Let’s take a look at the rights of ESA’s in New York.

if you’re wondering whether you can qualify for an ESA in New York, the answer is yes! To get started, you’ll need to get an ESA letter signed by a legit therapist in New York to certify your pet.


1. Emotional Support Animals are pets with No Training. In contrast, service animals are those pets, who are given training to perform tasks a person is incapable to do.

2. Emotional support animal laws in New York are the same as that of other states.

3. You can apply online to get your New York emotional support animal recommendation.

What is considered as a disability in NYC?

If you are being specific about a medical condition, there is a long list of the problems that a person might have. The ESA Laws in New York can help you to protect your rights and are the same as in other states of the country. If your mental disability substantially limiting your involvement in any major life activity and is creating a negative impact on your ability to live a normal life, you may get a recommendation for an Emotional Support Animal.

Here is a list of general medical conditions that qualifies for ESA…

How to apply for an Emotional Support Animal Letter in New York?

You can get an ESA Letter by visiting a therapist, but the process is time-consuming. It will take you more than 2-3 visit to get your Emotional Support Animal Letter signed, or you can choose the Fast ESA Letter to get a quick Recommendation from a Licensed Therapist in New York State. To do so, you have to follow these simple steps:

1. Complete our 5 minute free pre-screening test, to see if you are eligible for an emotional support animal Letter.
2. After successful submission, your details (your medical conditions that you submitted during pre-screening) will be reviewed by a Licensed Therapist in New York.
4. If the therapist finds you eligible for an ESA, they will write you a recommendation letter which will be delivered to you immediately via an email.
5. fly and accommodate with your Emotional Support pet without any hassles.

Quick overview of ESA Laws in New York

1. ESA Housing Law or The Fair Housing Amendment Act (FHAA)

As per this Laws, if you are an emotional support animal handler then your propertier must allow you to have your pet in accommodation without extra charges. However, you must provide the necesary documentation to you landowner which will be signed by a LMHP in New York, and this documentation will be a proof that you are in need of your pet to live your life to its fullest.

2. ESA Traveling Law or The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

The Air Carrier Access Act relate to boarding ESA’s on flights. As an ESA owner this law will exempt you from certain airline policies that are applicable on other passengers in New york. However, you have to provide additional documentation to airlines containing a vet form, a therapist form and a self consent form along with an ESA Letter. The Letter that you will get must describe your mental health disability and the is a role of the assistance animal . Also, the letter should contain the therapist info i.e. practice (license type) in which the health care professional specializes, therapist’s contact information, and the letter should be written on an official Letterhead.