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Board your pet on flights and get access to rental apartments without paying any extra charges.

Esa letter online

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Certified Access to Apartments & Airlines for 1 Year.


100% Money back Guaranteed if Not Approved.


Instant Delivery of PDF via Email.


24/7 Verification (Online or Phone).

Benefits that No one can Resist

Proven Cure to illness

Emotional support animals can help you in healing the symptoms of a disability that you might be experiencing (disabilities like stress, depression, PTSD, Autism, etc.).

Live Anywhere with esa

With a Legitimate Certification signed by a Licensed therapist, you can live with your pet in any rental apartment (even if it is a “No-pet-allowed” Zone).

Exemption in Training

Emotional Support animals are not required to be trained like a service animal, their sole purpose is to aid the disability of their handler.

Fly Anywhere with ESA

Emotional support animals are exempted from specific air travel laws & policies. You can quickly fly with your pet in the cabin with a legit ESA Certificate.

Avoid Pet Deposits

If you have a certified disability, your landowner or Airlines can not ask for an additional pet deposit or security to provide access to accommodations or Airline cabin.

Avoid Discrimination

Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act, the FHA & the ACAA legally protects you against any housing or Traveling discrimination if you have a physical or emotional disability.


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Here is What A 100% Legit ESA Letter Looks Like

Have you ever been qualified for an ESA recommendation before?

If so, You must have been aware of what a 100% Legitimate Recommendation Letter from a licensed professional Looks like. If you’re applying for the first time, Here is a Demo of what a 100% Legit Emotional Support Animal Recommendation Looks like.

ESA Clinic

1111 street location, City State 00000
Office (111) 111-1111

Jan 11, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a licensed mental health professional and have evaluated and assessed the history of the functional limitations imposed by [The patient] emotional / mental related illness. After careful review of [patient] mental and behavioral health condition I have concluded [The patient] has certain limitations related to Anxiety.

[The patient] has certain limitations related to Anxiety. [The patient] meets the definition of disability under the American’s with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

In order to help alleviate the symptoms of [The patient] mental illness, and to enhance her ability to live independently with full use of the dwelling unit you own and/or manage, it is my recommendation that [The patient] should have an support animal. The presence of this animal is supportive of the emotional and mental health of [The patient], as its presence will mitigate the symptoms [patient] is currently experiencing.

Please allow [The patient] to be accompanied by the emotional support animal [Pet name] of [Pet Breed] with approx. [Pet Weight] in [The patients] residence.

I am licensed by the state as a Mental Health Counselor. My license number is 00000.


LMHC Name.
License Number: #00000
Issued Date: Jun 13, 2014

The Additional Accommodation and Travel forms

So, You have got your approval for ESA, Now What?

Is Your ESA Registration from a licensed Therapist the only thing you need to fly with your ESA or to get access to an Apartment? 

The answer is YES!! ESA Letters are the only Legal Documents required. However, To Avoid Online Scams and to check the legitimacy of your letter sometimes your airline or apartments might ask you for additional documents which are needed to be completed by the therapist. Here is an example of what an Additional form provided by your airline or landlord might look like.

The Housing Accommodation form

Your Housing Accommodation may ask you to get this additional form completed. This form is a verification for the original Emotional Support Animal Letter, which you recently got for your pet. This form is required to be completed by the same therapist you got your recommendation from.

The ESA Travel form

Some Popular Airlines require the additional form, and these might be different for different airlines. This form is also a verification for the original Emotional Support Animal Letter, which you recently got for your pet. This form is required to be completed by the same therapist you got your recommendation from.

How it Works

ESA Evaluation Form

Complete your Online ESA Evaluation Form with your medical Details along with the details of your Emotional Support Animal & choose your Desired Service Type (ESA Letter for Housing or ESA Travel Letter).

ESA Doctor Evaluation

Once You submit Your Online ESA Evaluation Form, A Licensed Mental Health Professional will review it. Based on your evaluation, Your ESA recommendation will be signed by the Licensed Professional.

Get ESA Letter Online!

Once you got approval from the LMHP, we will send your signed ESA prescription to you via an email. You can simply download or print your recommendation and present it to your Landowner or Air Travel company.

Our Services

At Fast ESA Letter, We offer a 100% Legitimate service to our clients at an honest price. Whether you need an ESA certification or you need our help to resolve any issue, we love to provide the best solutions available to our customers.

ESA Letter for Housing

Instant Delivery of your ESA  certification via email.

Access to Rental Apartments without pet security/deposits.

Money back Guarantee.

24/7 Verification available.

$89/year/1 pet

ESA Travel Letter

Instant Delivery of your ESA Certification via email.

Travel with your Pet in cabin without pet fees.

Money back Guarantee.

24/7 Verification available.

$89/year/1 pet

ESA Letter Combo

Instant Delivery of your ESA Certification via email.

Access to Rental Apartment without pet deposits.

Airlines Cabin without pet fees.

Money back Guarantee.

24/7 Verification available.

$149/year/1 pet

Why Us?

Every feature on Fast ESA Letter is designed to simplify the online process to get an ESA prescription from a Licensed professional and to acknowledge you with the best information available regarding Emotional support Pets. We are the most trusted service providers by millions of ESA owners like you.  


100% Legitimate

The ESA recommendations made by our Therapists to individuals with emotional inabilities is written by keeping federal legislation in mind.


Convenient & Effective

With our Easy Online Process, get ESA Certification from the comfort of your home and live a healthy life by healing the signs of your mental sickness.


Affordable & Secure

Our therapists follow strict moral laws to keep our client’s info. safe & secure. We strive to make ESA certification accessible to every qualified person to stay protected from unwanted pet deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a sort of companion animal that plays a significant role in mitigating the symptoms or impact of an individual’s disability. An ESA is not a pet and is usually not bound by species. Cats and Dogs are the most preferred species for Emotional support animals, but the members of distinct animal species can also be deemed as Emotional Support animals.

2. Who qualifies for an emotional support animal?

Any person whose physical or emotional disability is substantially limiting the involvement in at least one significant life activity can Qualify for An Emotional Support Animal. Your disability can help you to qualify for an ESA legally if you are certified as emotionally disabled by a psychiatrist, therapist, other duly-licensed and/or licensed mental health professional. 

3. Who can prescribe an ESA?

Any psychiatrist, therapist, other duly-licensed and/or licensed mental health professional can prescribe an ESA.

4. How do I get my dog certified as an emotional support animal?

To get accompanied by a legitimate Support Animal, a recommendation from a licensed professional is must, and here is “How to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter for your pet:

1) Fill out and Submit an Online Evaluation Questionnaire.

2). After Submission, a licensed professional will evaluate your answers from questionnaire.

3) If approved, You signed Emotional Support Animal letter will be delivered to you via an electronic mail instantly.

5. How much does an ESA letter cost?

1. An ESA Letter for Housing will cost you $89, and the cost of additional accommodation form (to be completed by the therapist) will be $35.

2. An ESA Travel Letter will cost you $89, and the cost of additional airline form (to be completed by the therapist) will be $35.

3. The Cost of ESA Letter Combo is $149.

6. Can a landlord refuse an emotional support animal?

An owner cannot reject an Emotional Support Animal just because they do not permit pets. No, your landowner can’t eject you because they do not desire you to have an ESA. This is in direct demolition of FHAA regulations. You are required to ask a reasonable apartment for your ESA before taking them into your residence. 

7. How long does it take to get an ESA letter?

You can get you legitimate emotional support animal letter online within 24 hours if you qualify. On approval, it will be sent to you via an email. 

8. Do emotional support animals fly free?

Federal statutes allow a rightful ESA to fly with their handler in the cabin of Airplanes for free if the handler is having proper paperwork, which involves a letter from a doctor or other. 

9. How to Apply for ESA Letter Online?

Our streamlined process to get ESA certification, you can get recommended by following an easy 3 – step process.

1. Submit your Online ESA Evaluation Form with your medical Details along with the details of your pet.

2. Get Reviewed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional Online.

3. Receive your ESA Certification signed by the LMHP.

10. What is Fair Housing Act?

The FHA of 1988, Section 504 of the Rehab. Act of 1973 protects the freedom of individuals with limitations to keep emotional support animals, even when an owner’s policy explicitly forbids pets.

10. What is Air Carrier Access Act?

The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 (ACAA) was intended to obstruct any discrimination upon passengers with inabilities by air carriers. 

ESA Owner Reviews

“I’d recommend everyone to use Fast ESA Letter if they’re looking for a reliable source to certify their ESA. They are providing one of the best customer services and service-oriented processes. I have all my question answered quickly and honestly. These people really care about their clients, and I can’t recommend them enough! I want to thank them for creating an easy process in which they help people get the help they need.”

Richard Jefferson

“When I had a stressful or difficult period, Daisy always makes me feel happier and at ease. Brings my attention to the present moment, her needs, giving her belly rubs and watching how happy it makes her. She is very joyful, gentle and playful, She’s a very snuggly dog as well, and it’s almost impossible for me to sleep well without her safely wedged against me in my bed. They helped me to get my ESA letter. This letter helped me to live with Daisy in my apartment.”

Jeff sharp 

“Loved the service! I would highly recommend fast ESA letter to everyone as I got my ESA Letter done within 24 hours… I was a bit skeptical that, would I be able to get my ESA Letter on time as I needed it urgently. Now I am really happy as I got my Kitten home. I had a great experience with this website.”

Sophia Miller

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