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ESA Letter For Housing

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Emotional Support – The  Fair Housing Act.

According to Section 504 and the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA), no discrimination is allowed against mentally disabled persons in housing by their landlord. And if A disabled person requires reasonable accommodation to equally enjoy and use the rental unit, the landlord must provide the accommodation. A person with any disabilities may request a fair accommodation, such as a waiver of a “no pets policy”, for any emotional support animal, including an emotional support animal, under the FHAA.

According to the Rehabilitation Act, public housing authorities are not allowed to deny housing to a disabled person as inequity against the disabled in any program receiving housing assistance is illegal. For this, the tenant must be suffering from disability in order to be considered as “Qualified for ESA”.

This Rehabilitation act also specifies the responsibilities of a person to his ESA i.e. cleaning up once the animal and walking the animal in selected areas. Also, An ESA is not required to possess skills like a trained pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get a prescription letter from a licensed mental health professional that states you benefit from the companionship your pet provides you and bring your support crew at your home today.

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How can an ESA Letter be useful in housing?

An ESA letter can be useful in terms of that you are allowed to keep your support pet with you and your landlord is not allowed to charge any extra fees for it.

Things that your landlord cannot ask to keep your ESA.

 Under the Fair Housing Act for ESA, the landlords are not allowed to:

  • Ask about your disorder even if it’s not apparent.
  • Ask whether your emotional support animal is trained for certain tasks or not
  • Refuse to assist you with housing because their insurance doesn’t cover emotional support animals.
  • Charge you a pet deposit.

What is a pet deposit?

A pet deposit is an amount that a landlord may ask a tenant to pay to accommodate his pet aside from the normal rent.

According to the Fair Housing Act, a landlord is not allowed to ask a tenant for a pet deposit. However, if the animal causes any harm to the property of the owner, the owner may ask money for the repair.

Under what circumstances landlord can deny an ESA Letter ?

Conditions under which a landlord can deny a tenant’s ESA letter

  • If a tenant’s emotional support animal is dangerous to his fellow tenants.
  • If the tenant is not able to properly care for his or her emotional support animal
  • If An ESA letter is more than 1 year old.

what if landlord decline to accommodate you and your ESA?

Under the Fair Housing Act for ESAs, if a landlord refuses to make reasonable accommodation when you present a recommendation letter from a professional therapist, he can be fined under Federal Law. Here what you can do:

Make your landowner aware of the Fair Housing Act and Section 504 for emotional support animals.

Or, you can;

  • Register a complaint before the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), within one year of the unfairness.
  • File a complaint against your landlord in front of your state’s agency.
  • Accuse your landlord and book him for violence.

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