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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are those faithful animals of yours, which Assist their owners with mental disabilities stress, PTSD, anxiety, etc. Any animal that provides support to their owners emotionally during their limitations can qualify as an emotional support animal. Dogs are one of the most preferred pets that patients choose to fly with on a plane. A service dog cannot be considered as ESA, as they have different privileges. They must not be treated as a service dog and are not required to perform any other tasks. There is no need for any specialized training for an emotional support dog; they still need to be well behaved and cannot be a harm to others. Airlines can deny privileges to ESAs that are not well behaved.

What are the benefits of having an emotional support animal?

As the owner of an ESA, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. You can fly with your emotional support animal in the cabin of a plane without paying for your ESA (note: But always remember that most airline companies have a different policy about the type of animals you can bring with you).
  2. You can live in with your pet in  “No Pet” housing without any additional charges (no matter how strict the owner of the apartment is).

What is the Fair Housing Act?

 The purpose of the Fair Housing Act is to protect those with disabilities against the discrimination of landowners.

“How long does the approval process take?”

Once you are approved, you will recieve a digital copy of your ESA letter within 2-3 business days. If you do not recieve a copy from us within this time, please contact our support team.

How do I fly with my pet in-cabin ?

To fly with your pet on board, you will need an ESA letter from a licensed therapist or medical physician that prescribes an ESA for an emotional disability. Some air carriers will also require your therapist or physician to complete a short form that verifies your emotional disability. At Fast Esa Letter, We aim to help those in need to reduce suffering by connecting them with our certified physicians. We can write you a legitimate emotional support animal letter. You can go through with our pre-qualification test online here and consult with a doctor today.

Few air carriers have limitations on the species of animals they allow in the cabin of their aircraft, but you can always travel along with a support dog on a plane.

What Happens when I check-in at the airport?

During the check-in, you need to show your emotional support animal letter to the ticketing agent along with your photo ID and passports, etc.

As long as your letter is valid, the airline must allow you to take your dog on the plane unless it seriously poses a risk to other passengers.

“What are my rights with a legitimate ESA Letter? Where is my ESA Letter valid?”

Your rights rely upon the type of letter you choose.

With the help of a Legit ESA Letter, you can fly with your pet on board without paying additional charges to Airlines.

You can ask for a “reasonable accommodation” even if your landlord does not allow pets and he cannot ask for extra pet deposits or fee from you.

“Is it necessary to register my pet on a “registration” site to make my pet a Legitimate ESA?”

Not at all! You only need a prescription letter for ESA for a legal therapist. There is no need to register your pet on a registration site.

“What are my rights with a legitimate ESA Letter? Where is my ESA Letter valid?”

Your rights rely upon the type of letter you choose.

With the help of a Legit ESA Letter, you can fly with your pet on board without paying additional charges to Airlines.

You can ask for a “reasonable accommodation” even if your landlord does not allow pets and he cannot ask for extra pet deposits or fee from you.

“Can any animal qualify for ESA, or is it necessary to have a dog?”

Several domestic animals can qualify for emotional support animal as there are no limitations over assistance animals, but mostly dogs and acts are preferred over other domestic animals because they prove to be the best companion for a person.

But most of the airlines restrict ESA’s other than dogs and cats.

“Which ESA Letter is better for me?”

If you are willing to live-in with your pet in a rental home and you have no plans of traveling with any airline for about a year, then you should choose ESA-Housing. If you want to fly at least once in the next year with any airline and are willing to take your pet with you, then we recommend getting the letter for both housing and Traveling. The combination is the most efficient method to save money. If you already own a place and you are willing to move, then you should get the ESA-Traveling.

How to get an Emotional Support Animal?

To qualify your pet as your emotional support animal, all you need is a prescription letter from a legitimate therapist which describes your Need for the emotional support animal. The process for getting an ESA Letter for Pet used to be a very tedious & slow process, but Fast ESA Letter has made the entire process easy & smooth.

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects those individuals who are suffering from disabilities against discrimination in most areas of public life.
ADA primarily focuses on Service Animals, but not on Emotional support animals.

What is the Air Carrier Access Act?

Under the Air Carrier Access Act, anyone who is experiencing mental disability and is having an ESA letter from a licensed therapist verifying the advantage of the animal for the mental health of the person will be allowed to travel with the ESA.

“I just completed the screening. What’s next?”

Once you finish the Pre-screening test, You have to choose a plan according to your need: For housing, traveling, or combined.
After choosing the right plan, you need to buy a consultation with the therapist.

Afterwards, you need to send a further thorough evaluation, and also your designated psychological health and wellness specialist will certainly make a decision whether, you would gain from an ESA. If verified, they will personally sign you a recommendation for an ESA.

“What else do I need besides an ESA letter?”

Sometimes custom forms are required to be filled. Airlines such as Delta Airlines have started demanding some custom forms to fly with your pet in the cabin. So be informed if you are going to require extra documents.

You must also look for ESA Policies of Airlines like Frontier, WestJet, JetBlue, Spirit, etc. If any form is required to fill, you can always visit back to the site and request for extra documents from therapists.

“How am I supposed to present my ESA Letter to my landlord or airline?”

We will send you digital copies of your ESA letter. We strongly suggest you present the letter to your landlord in-person. Most of the landlords are extremely accommodating.

You must pass the information to the airline at least 48 hours before your flight or booking the trip.

“For how long ESA Letter is valid? Do I need to renew the letter?”

The validation period for an ESA letter is one year. When it is about to expire, you can renew it at a discounted price form Fast ESA letter.

“Is it necessary to have additional accessories like an ESA vest or ID card?”

No, the only thing that you need is an ESA Letter signed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Accomplices like Vests, ID Cards, and tags are only for identification of your pet.

“What does an ESA letter consist of?”

You with receive the ESA Letter directly from Licensed mental healthcare professional with their contact info & all relevant details like License number. You will get the professional letterhead of the LMHP and have everything legitimately required for an ESA prescription inside the body of the letter.


“Can I qualify all my pets for ESA?”

Yes, you can! But in most of the cases, it is tough to convince the therapist, and this is due to the reason that it is very complicated to explain the requirement of more than one pets. Also, Most housing authorities and airlines do not co-operate if there is more than one ESA..

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