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Emotional Support Animal LETTER FOR Travel

Legit ESA Certification at $89/year

5 Reason to Get ESA Letter for your Pet Now…

No Pet Travel Fees

No Training Needed

Travel with Your ESA

Protection by Laws

Pet Access to Cabin

Rules & Regulations For Flying With Your Emotional Support Dog

If you own an authorized emotional Support Dog, you can take your dog along with you on a plane for all domestic and international flights travelling in or out of the US.

You are not allowed to be seated in the exit row while flying with your support animal.

Your ESA is not supposed to create disturbance or any harm to other passengers.

It is always a good idea to inform your airline at least 48 hours prior to your flight that you are traveling with an emotional support dog.

How To Fly With Your Dog?

In case you’re thinking about whether you can fly with a pet in cabin. the appropriate answer relies upon whether your pet is an emotional support animal.

Government guidelines shield pet proprietors experiencing mental health conditions, for example, stress, uneasiness, discouragement or PTSD. According to these laws you can fly with your pet in a plane, provided your pet is a legitimate emotional support animal. If you want to fly with your pet in the cabin without extra fees, all of this is possible and legal with an emotional support animal letter for your pet with the condition that your dog must be treaty and respectful. As a rule, carriers can approach patients for their recommendation letter.

The law that manages Emotional Support Dogs and their proprietors these unique benefits is the Air Carrier Access Act.American transporters and every single outside bearer flying into and out of the US can’t separate and should suit a psychological or physical requirement for a help creature for those with individual inabilities.

Take Your ESA On Board as a certified Emotional Support Animal!


Submit Form Online

Start the process by filling out an Online ESA Medical form in which you will summarize your medical condition and your personal information.


Get Evaluated Online

Once you submit the Online ESA Evaluation form, Our medical team will diagnose your medical condition. This process is completely online.


Receive your ESA Letter

If the doctor approves you for an emotional support animal recommendation, you will receive ESA Letter via email within 24 hours.

Looking For A Professional?

Why wait for appointments when you can get your 100% Legit Travel Emotional Support Animal Letter signed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional on the very same day you apply.

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