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Get ESA Letter for Your Pet from the Legit Physicians

A Legit ESA Letter Allows you to:

Benefits of esa letterLive with Your Pet in “NO-PET Housing”.

Benefits of esa letterFly with Your “Pet in Cabin” of Air-craft.

Benefits of esa letterAvoid extra “Pet-Deposits” for Your Pet.

Benefits of esa letterProtect against Landlord’s Discrimination.






Complete Your Online ESA Evaluation medical form and choose your desired service Type (Housing & Travel).



An LMHP will review your form and if approved, your esa recommendation will be signed immediately.



Your ESA letter will be sent to instantly via email. You can view, download and print your ESA Letter

Helping You Get Access to

Legit Emotional Support Animal Letter

The Most Reliable ESA Letter Service Online

Your ESA Letter from a Licensed therapist will help to get access to a reasonable accommodation for you & your pet even in a “No-Pet housing Zone” as per Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988.

Also, as  per Federal Statute Air Carrier Access Act (49 U.S.C. 41705 and 14 C.F.R 382) You are allowed to fly with your pet in Cabin of Plane, and Airline will accommodation your pet regardless of its size & breed if your pet is well behaved.

With Our Simple and streamlined process, you can get instant Access to an Emotional Support Animal Letter for your pet.



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When I had a stressful or difficult period, Daisy always makes me feel happier and at ease. Brings my attention to the present moment, her needs, giving her belly rubs and watching how happy it makes her. She is very joyful, gentle and playful, She’s a very snuggly dog as well and it’s almost impossible for me to sleep well without her safely wedged against me in my bed. They helped me to get my ESA letter. This letter helped me to live with Daisy in my apartment.
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Loved the service! I would highly recommend fast ESA letter to everyone as i got my ESA Letter done within 24 hours… I was a bit skeptical that, would i be able to get my ESA Letter on time as i needed it urgently. Now I am really happy as I got my Kitten home, I had a great experience with this website.
Very smooth and professional process!! The doctor I matched with Showed great patience, at first I was not able to take doctor’s call, so I asked her to call me again, she understood my problem and she called me after some time. I was …


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