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Get an Emotional Support Animal in Missouri

Having an Emotional Support Animal in Missouri has now become easy as you get the best ESA letter service in your state in just a few clicks. We understand the mental well-being benefits of having a Support Pet for the person suffering from any psychological discomfort or disability. An Emotional Support Animal plays a vital role in coping with the mental issues as, according to numerous studies, an ESA helps to heal the psychologically challenged people more as compared to those on just medication.


  1. Emotional Support Animals are different from service dogs; hence don’t have all the benefits that a service dog has. A Support animal does not even require any specialized training but requires a legit ESA letter.
  2. The rules and regulations in Missouri are the same as ESAs as compared to the others.
  3. You can now apply online to get your ESA letter in your state, Missouri.

The 4 W’s of Emotional Support Animals

 What is an ESA?

An ESA is an animal that supports a person with a mental health condition emotionally, means it is an Emotional Support Animal that can help a person come out of the misery that a person is facing psychologically. If a person feels that he/she feels comfortable with his pet, then they can get an ESA letter that could help them in several ways.

What is an ESA Letter?

An ESA letter is a document that gives you and your pet some legal rights which help you to live and travel with your pet freely without getting discriminated on any basis. By getting an ESA Letter in Missouri, you and your pet can live in any rented accommodation in the state without getting discriminated, and without paying any pet deposits, and even you can travel with your pet in the cabin of a plane without paying extra bills.

Who qualifies for an ESA in Missouri?

Any person who is suffering from any mental issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, autism, etc. and feels comfortable and peace of mind with their pets can qualify for an ESA in Missouri. All you need to do is go for the pre-screening and check out if you are eligible for an ESA or not.

Where can you utilize your ESA Letter?

1. ESA For housing in United States

You can get access to any rented house in the state as it comes under the Fair Housing Act, according to which no one could discriminate a person with any disability by asking them to leave the house or to pay any extra pet deposits. But make sure that your pet should be well behaved and could fit into the apartments as if proves to be a threat to the neighbors, then the landlord or the apartment manager has the right to reject your ESA letter.

2. ESA For traveling in United States

You can board a plane with your pet without getting discriminated or without paying any extra cost for it as it comes under the Air Carrier Access Act. But make sure that your pet should be well-behaved else if it is enormous and could be a threat to the co-passengers in any way, then the airlines have the right to reject your ESA letter.

3. ESA For campus in United States

You can live with your Emotional Support animal on the College campus as well as it also comes under the Fair Housing Act. If you are a student who is suffering from any mental issues, then you can keep your pet with you.

How to get your ESA letter in Missouri

1. Click on the pre-screening and complete the series of questions asked, and then it would be sent to the therapists for reviewing.
2. Once the review is done, our doctors will sanction your ESA letter after completing the required procedure.
3. Once the letter is sanctioned, you will receive it via mail, and then you can access it easily.


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